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How to Find Double Glazing Installers in Norfolk

Your windows or doors may be the last thing that comes to mind when you are renovating your home or simply living your daily life in the house. But, new windows or doors can make all of the difference in terms of the way your house looks and what they can bring to your home in the way of efficiency. Since its creation in the early 19th Century, the popularity of double glazing has grown and grown due to the variety of benefits it has to offer and how it compares to the more traditional single glazing.


How to Know if You Need to Replace Your Windows


There are many tell-tale signs that you may need to replace your windows. After living in a house for a while, your windows may become stiff when you are trying to open them, leak when it is raining or the window pane may begin to sag (most common in bow windows).


Available on patio doors, windows, bi-fold doors, skylights and more, double glazing has many undeniable benefits. Traditional sash windows and single glazed doors and windows do not retain the heat inside of a house as much as double glazed ones do. Saving you money on heating your house, it will prevent the heat from seeping out of the glass or any cracks. It may often feel that in the winter, you are heating your house and it isn’t retaining its temperature. Switching to double glazing may just be the solution to this.

Condensation is caused by the heat in your house colliding with the cold air from the outside. Double glazing can decrease the amount of condensation, by trapping the air between the two sheets of glass. This will also allow you to keep the heating on low and retain the temperature of the house for longer.


No matter where you are in the world, it’s important that your windows are energy efficient. Newer models with double glazing are ideal, whether you live in a cold or warm climate. A proper seal is essential to keep cold draughts outside and to prevent leaking from happening. When replacing your windows, they also can increase the worth of your house and appeal to potential buyers (as it is generally seen as a big expense for them if windows need to be replaced).


Double glazed windows and doors are also more secure than single glazing. This is not only due to the fact that there are two sheets of glass instead of one, but they also feature multipoint locks (among other lock options available) that make it harder for people to break them and burgle your home.


Yet another benefit of double glazing is that it can prevent outdoor noise from seeping into your home. The two sheets of glass absorb more of the sound, ensuring that you can’t hear the hustle and bustle of the outside world whilst you are relaxing in the comfort of your home. Finding a reputable double glazing installer can seem like a difficult task. When there are 100’s out there to search through, it’s important to know what to look for.

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Double Glazing Installers in Norfolk


Norfolk. Home to the Norfolk Broads, Dino Adventure Park and an abundance of award-winning restaurants. When looking for a double glazing installer in the vast county, there are key things to look for. Firstly, whether they are registered with the quality trade bodies, FENSA (Fenestration Self-Assessment Scheme) and Certass (a government approved Competent Person Scheme). These are two key signifiers as to whether or not the business or tradesperson is qualified for the job at hand. Awarded to trade companies if they give exceptional service, follow the correct practices and provide high-quality double glazing, this along with reviews are undeniable indicators of their performance.


People like to know what others think of a service or company. Therefore by researching the company or tradesperson at hand and reading customer testimonials, you can get a better understanding of the service they provide.


Double glazed windows, bi-fold doors and patio doors can cost a lot of money. And you want to make sure that your money is well spent and invested in a company that will get the job done correctly and efficiently. Many companies may ask for a deposit (usually around the 10-50% mark) and you want to know that when the time comes for the work to be carried out, they won’t deliver a poor service.


Double glazing installers that are members of the Glass and Glazing Federation (GGF), are not only part of schemes such as FENSA, but they are also vetted for quality and service. The members of GGF also guarantee automatic free deposit protection meaning that if the tradesperson or company becomes bankrupt or they go into liquidation or administration, the federation provides a redeemable voucher. This can either cover 50% of the contract price, any stage payments and the deposit or up to £12,500.


Another thing to consider when looking for a double glazing installer in Norfolk is whether or not they offer warranties. An example of this is a 10-year guarantee, in which the customer is covered if a manufacturing problem or general wear and tear occurs. When you have found a double glazing installer that you think is the right fit, you can enquire and ask for a quote. Many installers give you a range of quotes, depending on what you’re looking for to decide between. This makes it easier for those who want to stick to a budget.

Whether you are in a bigger city in Norfolk such as Norwich, a buzzing seaside town such as Great Yarmouth or a market town such as Thetford, finding a reputable double glazing installer shouldn’t feel like an impossible task. Your home is your haven, so you want to make sure that you choose a company that you can trust will do a good job and double glazed windows or doors that will last you for as long as possible with an extensive warranty.

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