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Skylight Windows – Double Glazing Norfolk

If you’re looking to let in some natural light into the middle of the property than adding a skylight will be the ideal solution for you. With a slightly trickier installation process but ultimately add one of the best ways to add a bright, open feature to your property.

In the very simplest terms, a skylight is most often an outward opening window installed into a roof (usually slanted) with the purpose of allowing light and occasionally ventilation into the room).

Most skylights open and close primarily to allow ventilation into a room however some don’t and are purely aesthetic purposes. Some properties can feel smaller in the central points, hallways are smaller rooms with one window so a skylight.

In addition to adding light to property or simply adding ventilation to a room or rooms, a skylight can be the perfect addition to your sleeping quarters as relaxing star filled view is ideal for getting to sleep.

With so many implications for this window style, it is perfect for any development so why not give us a call on 0330 808 1074 or check if you’re eligible for funding towards your windows, doors & conservatories replacement. Simply click here to find out if you qualify!