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French Doors – Double Glazing Quote Norfolk


French Doors, sometimes referred to as ‘Patio Doors’ are a sure fire way to add an elegant and stylish feel to any home. The doors themselves, that are sometimes referred to as ‘Lights’, are set into the entire height of the door.

While not necessarily renowned for the level of privacy they provide, French Doors are more regularly used as a decorative feature, providing the perfect framing for the scenery outdoors along with allowing the most natural light possible to saturate the room the doors are installed in.

The most traditional and popular type of french door is known as a ‘Divided Lite French Door’.

This particular type of French door is comprised of various pieces of glass as well as featuring ‘Mullions’ which are decorative structural pieces placed with the intention of applying additional panes.

Much like any decent window pane or door, exterior renditions of French doors usually feature two or more panes of glass. This provides not only added security to property but also means that as little heat generated inside the home is dissipated as possible. These differ than regular inset french doors but the only distinction to be made is the energy efficiency.

French doors have many and various reasons for practical implication. For those who are particularly garden-proud, they add the ideal frame to draw attention to a prized garden.

When used inside the home as a dividing feature or otherwise, french doors help demonstrate a whimsical and airy feel to property and giving a lovely open sense, particularly relevant in smaller properties that aim to look slightly more spacious than they may be. French doors work particularly well as a substitute for a central wall that can make a room feel closed off and claustrophobic.

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