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Bi Folding Doors, Double Glazing Norfolk


A bi-folding door is primarily used to connect a room or conservatory to an outdoor area of a property. Bi-Folding doors are usually somewhere between two to seven panes of glass on large hinged frames that fold into each other. The large panes make them perfect for adding an elegant bright feel to the property and depending on the type of glass used, such as Planitherm, they can do a great job of transferring direct daylight into warmth for your property.

Bi-Folding doors tend to feature what is known as a “Traffic Door”. A traffic door is a pane that opens to give thoroughfare much like an ordinary door however they are often made to fit the style of the bi-folding door panels as much as possible so as to be aesthetically discreet as the door.

The primary benefit of a traffic door is the in colder seasons it is not necessary to push out all of the panes and you can still have easy access to the property via the door set.

One of the most prominent selling points of the bi-fold door system and why most people opt for it over other more traditional door systems, is the full view of the outside area which is offered, along with a sleek ultra-modern design feel.

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You may also be eligible for funding towards your Bi-fold door installation in Norfolk if you meet the criteria. Due to H2B offering this grant you could get your windows and doors at a reduced rate or even free. To find out if you qualify for a home makeover then click here, it only takes 30 seconds and is totally free!