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Fascias And Soffits

Fascias Soffits and gutters


A Fascia is a component that is affixed to a proper where the roof and outer-most walls converge and is often referred to as the Roofline.

The Fascia is the longest board on a roofline and runs along the lower edge of the roof. It is attached to the roof trusses directly and its primary function is to support the lowest row of roofing tiles on a property and allows guttering to be attached to it.

Fascias are one of the most fundamental parts of any roofing construction as more often than not they have to be equipped to divert several gallons of rainwater per second meaning they have to be strong, sturdy and capable.


A Bargeboard is fitted to the gable end of a property. Selecting the correct bargeboard is very important in the sense that it can complement a property and help top off a classical or contemporary look perfectly; or transversely, it can ruin a gracious style. Why not let us help you make the right decision and Contact Us.


A soffit board is usually hidden way underneath the fascia board but serves one of the most important roles in roofing installation. The soffit board is often the most visible in an installation from the street.

a Soffit board can be ventilated to allow air flowing the roof area making it less likely to be a victim of damp and other such moisture-related damage. This is not always the most popular and in lieu of this method, ventilation can be provided over the top of the fascia board.

Without appropriate ventilation, you can find your project suffering high levels of condensation causing structural problems in the near future.


A boxend is the finishing touch to a roofing project and ties everything together tidily. With a massive range of styles to accommodate any style of property, traditional, contemporary or otherwise.