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Casement Windows – Double Glazing Norfolk

A casement window is a name given to a window attached to the frame its sat in by at least one hinge. Casement windows are hinged on either side (left or right). Windows that open from the top are known as “Awning Windows” and will be covered separately.

Most Casement windows are hung in pairs or if not then they will be in what is known as a common frame (same frame). If this is the case they are hinged on the outer-most parts.

Casement windows are possibly the most popular replacement windows across the UK today. Being as the window is so versatile in application it can fill such a large volume of needs and styles.

One of the features that make casement windows so versatile is that they can be combined in a variety of almost unending fashions and create a seemingly limitless span of styles, while conveniently providing your property with noise cancelling qualities and depending on the glass used in the installation, increasing energy efficiency also.

Casement windows can be made from an incredible range of materials from wood, aluminium to uPVC and can be glazed by a massive range of glass both eco and otherwise.

In today’s ever-changing world it really does pay to be eco-conscious and double glazing is a fantastic way to do this.

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