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Planitherm Energy Saving Double Glazing


It has been discovered that over 25% of heat-loss occurring in domestic properties escapes through the windows.

That is essentially half of your heating outgoings being wasted on heat-loss every year.

Having an energy efficient glass installed with your windows with Planitherm glass is the leading way to reduce heat loss and help you to save money on your heating when compared to standard windows (which also has a positive impact on the environment!)

Over the years since Double/Triple glazing’s inception, it was widely assumed and circulated that all double glazing insulates with the same efficacy which is now abundantly clear is not in fact true.

There are indeed massive differences in insulating properties between different types of glass.

Planitherm glass has become Europe’s fastest growing energy saving windows is the most popular type of energy glass due just how effective it is at insulating a property.

The ultra-advanced materials used in coating the window panes ensure that AS MUCH of the radiated heat generated inside the property is reflected BACK INTO the property allowing as little heat to escape as possible.

Planitherm also captures heat generated from natural daylight adding a natural warming effect to the room featuring Planitherm and allows natural daylight to pass through easily.

All of these factors combined to create a beautiful and elegantly brighter, warmer and far more energy efficient home that not only saves you money on your energy bills but does your part for the environment for you.

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