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Glass Block windows – Double Glazing Norfolk

Glass Block Windows are more often added to the property as an accent for the home and to add a light flow through a property.

Statistically, the most typically purchased Glass Block Windows are designed with frosted out stained glass in them. Stained and frosted glass is ideal in a property that is overlooked by other properties as they still allow light to generate and fill a home but allow a decent amount of privacy for the occupants also.

Due to this, Glass Block Windows tend to be best suited for bathrooms, en-suites, toilets and other such private rooms and help to add an air of elegance to a room.

When dividing rooms they are also a great solution. If adding a window to an office or study, you can still see through perfectly but they are a purely feature installation, Unable to open but great for opening up a small room.

Glass Block Windows can be used for similar purposes as hung windows but more often than not they are used in slightly more technical and somewhat more niche than traditional hung windows.

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